Silk Cocoons Natural

Silk Cocoons Natural
Silk Cocoons Natural Silk Cocoons Natural
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 Silk Cocoons:

Silk worms are actually a type of caterpillar that spins silk cocoons around themselves after they turn approximately 1 month old. Whenever they are finally ready to start spinning their cocoon, they will stop eating any food and then they will turn yellowish. At this point, it will then take the silk worm approximately 3 days to spin their cocoon around themselves. If their threads are disturbed by anything, the silk worm will have to start all over again spinning a new cocoon.
These Silk Coccoons are clean and are in natural colour. This pulls open into a soft mass and spin directly, or pull out into a long roving. No cutting or carding is needed. This is the easiest spinning because the long semi-continuous fibers can't slip away. The resulting yarn is soft, lofty, very light weight, and cloud-like. Thus, a small weight of silk goes a long way.
Quantity - 100pcs

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