Worsted Silk Yarn 2

Worsted Silk Yarn 2
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Worsted Silk Knitting Yarn

Worsted Silk Knitting Yarn is a Four ply yarn which is wonderfully soft and lustrous. This is a tightly Spun Yarn.
This beautiful yarn evokes the ancient trade routes of Silk. A gorgeous Silk Knitting Yarn, Each thread receives the dye in a unique way, Creating a highly detailed strand that knits up into a lavish fabric. Worsted Silk Knitting Yarn is a really special yarn, perfect for really special projects like Scarves and Cowls.
Basic plied yarn is consisting of four separate plies twisted together. Traditionally, ply is used as a measure of the thickness of yarn, sometimes corresponding directly to the size of knitting needles.This Yarn is essentially equivalent to medium-weight yarn. This is also sometimes called worsted weight yarn. 
Content: 100% Silk 
Gauge:  21-27 stitches per 4"
Yarn Class: WORSTED / DK
Recommended Needle Size: #  5-7
Approx. yardage = 110 yards
Approx. Weight = 50 grams


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