Silk Roving Yarn 004

Silk Roving Yarn 004
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$ 5.99 Only - 50g Skein

Silk Roving Yarn is a Delicious, hand dyed silk yarn that any onlooker will go crazy. Silk Roving yarn is the second cousin of Duke Silk Yarn and is a little funkier, a little more rock and roll. This yarn is not twisted and is single plied, and is slightly thick and thin throughout the strand adds to the visual interest of this yarn.
Everything about this yarn, from the spinning to the skeining to the dying, is hand done, no two skeins are alike - though batches are consistent. This yarn is a worsted weight when knit, and works well from size 5's to size 10's.
Great for baby hats & blankets. This works with a wide array of patterns - you may need to adjust for it's slightly lighter hand and smaller guage. It makes a warm, but lightweight garment, that is always a pleasure to wear close to the skin regardless of how warm the weather is.
The beautiful bounty of Silk Knitting Yarns  - once you've knit with it, you'll be hooked!
Content: 100% Silk 
Gauge: 5 stitches = 1 "
Yarn Class: LT WORSTED /DK 
Recommended Needle Size: #7
Approx. yardage = 100 yards per 50 gms
Approx. Weight = 50 grams

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