Bulky Silk 5

Bulky Silk 5
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This Silk is a Delicious, hand dyed silk yarn that any onlooker will go crazy specially made for bulky products making it look little funkier, a little more rock and roll. This yarn comes also 2 ply yarn.
Everything about this yarn, from the spinning to the skeining to the dying, is hand done, no two skeins are alike - though batches are consistent. This yarn is a worsted weight when knit, and works well from size 5's to size 10's.
Gorgeous Handpainted Duke Silk yarn from ‘Silk Knitting Yarns’ in a stunning array of colors, from wild to delicate. Great for shawls & blankets.
Silk Knitting Yarns Duke Silk will work with a wide array of patterns - you may need to adjust for it's slightly lighter hand and smaller guage. It makes a warm garment, that is always a pleasure to wear close to the skin regardless of how warm or cold the weather is.
The beautiful bounty of Silk Knitting Yarns Bulky Weight - once you've knit with it, you'll be hooked!
Content: 100% Silk 
Gauge: 5 stitches = 1 "
Yarn Class: LT WORSTED /DK 
Recommended Needle Size: #7
Approx. yardage = 50-60 yards
Approx. Weight = 50 grams
PS: This order can be ordered till Stocks Last, will say "out of stock" for availability if product is sold out, near price section. Thank you

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